• Flower Impression

    Flower Impression

    Our salon is a home salon, and small class (generally until 4 members).
    The atmosphere is cozy, so it's suitable for beginners.
    We aim to kind guidance to everyone who wants not only learning flower arrangement as a hobby but studying for get qualifications.


    Noriko Hanada
    ・Nippon Flower Designers' Association (NFD)
    Primary flower designer Flower designer instructor.
    ・ Flower Education Japan (FEJ) License school.
    ・Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ)
    First grade of Aromatherapy proficiency exam.

    We support you in this class how to make Fresh-flowers, Preserved-flowers,
    and Artificial-flowers.
    Original Course
    1.Petit Flowers Course (Artificial-flowers or Preserved-flowers)
    3 works (6,600 yen tax included par lesson)
    For beginners or for whom needs to review one's skill.

    2. Design Course (Artificial-flowers or Preserved-flowers)
    5 works (8,800 yen tax included par lesson)
    For experienced or for completed Petit Flowers Course.

    3. Diploma Course (Artificial-flowers or Preserved-flowers)
    10 works (13,200 yen tax included par lesson)
    Design works for interior decorations

    4. Fresh Flowers (Natural Flowers ) * Except in August
    A monthly Lesson (6,800 yen tax included.)
    Make bouquet and flower arrangement by fresh seasonal flowers.
    Qualification Obtaining Support Course
    NFD (Nippon Flower Designers' Association) Lesson(Natural Flowers)
    8,800 yen tax included par lesson.
    You can acquire basic knowledge and skills.
    We recommend you to take lessons at least 10 units .

    9,900 yen tax included par lesson.
    You can acquire sufficient knowledge and skills.
    You need to take lessons at least 20 units.

    Grade 1
    11,000 yen tax included par lesson.
    You can acquiring the skill of thinking and making by yourself.
    After acquisition of qualifications, you can try to get a qualifications of instructor.
    You need to take lessons at least 30 units.
    Other Course
    NFD Wedding Flower Course(Natural Flowers)
    11,000 yen tax included par lesson.
    You can learn complete flower design for example wedding bouquet,
    ring pillow, bouquet of appreciation, and flower arranged on a main table.
    You need to take lessons at least 12 units.

    FEJ (Flower Education Japan)
    Preserved flower Qualification Obtaining Support Course
    8 works (165,000 yen tax included. )
    We teach you a lot of technique in this lesson.
    So, You can get a lot of knowledge and skill faster than learning on your own.
    1-Chome, Machiya, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
    *Our salon is also praivate home, so, please contact us , and we will call you back later.
    TEL. 080-8050-0257
    Mail info @flower-impression.com

    5 minutes' walk from the following every Machiya stations
    ・Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
    ・Keisei Main Line
    ・Tokyo Sakura tram
    From Narita Airport (Terminal 2 Station) to Machiya St. 53 minutes at the fastest.
    From Haneda Airport International Terminal Station to Machiya St.
    55 minutes at the fastest
    For more information, (if you want to know lesson schedule) please visit our website. And you can take a short-term intensive course. If you want, Please let me know.

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